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Why alerts on H4 is best ?

After made conducted a lot of research on the trade history of different periods for the qualitative forecasting of markets, we decided to the conclusion that the best period is the H4 period. Small periods M1-H1 carry a lot of noise, as well as not liquid trading time, which creates empty candles that spoil history. While 2 consecutive candles on the period H4, nothing more than the duration of one of the sessions on the exchange. Therefore, it is safe to say and trace what happened at this session and correctly predict what will happen in the next one.

We have created signals for several models from the section of PricesAction, with the help of which you can trade easily and without compulsion, while receiving 80% winratio every week. You will see a global trend when it grows, stops and prepares for a reversal. Today 3 models prevail: Band, Pinbar and Reverse. There are several more complex models, but they are rare and they are not included in this release of the indicator. The algorithm of this indicator in the best way determines the quality and strength of the signal. And if the pricing model does not meet several rules, then this signal will be skipped as false.

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Results of work with price action indicator

Let's look at the results of work over the past 8 weeks. No open deals. Profit $ 54.000 trading 2 lots, i.e. $20 per ppoint. Total for 2 months, the profit amounted to more than 2700 points ! Monitoring account aviable on myfxbook site.

price action indicator

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Example trades on indexes S&P500, DAX30, FTSE100, NASDAQ100, Dow Jones

Indicator CFD alerts Dow jones, S&P500, DAX30, FTSE100, NASDAQ100

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Example trades on currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD

Indicator forex alerts EURUSD

Indicator forex alerts GBPUSD

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Trade rules with price action models

The indicator contains several models for market enter, let us analyze each of them in turn.

Model pinBar. This model pinBar, Dodj, is only reversal, trade it is not difficult but there are subtleties. As soon as you got the signal and saw the arrow, You can not enter the battle. You must place a buy-stop or sell-stop order at the level of the breakdown of this candle. The level and direction of the order comes in the Telegram. Further, when you expect the breakdown and opening of the order You are also waiting for the cancellation of this signal. Those. if the price falls below (above) the given candle, the order and signal will be canceled, what the removed arrow from the chart will testify to.

Model Band. This model Band is a breakout model in both directions, and a white star is placed on the chart above this candle. This model must be traded by placing buy-stop orders on High and sell-stop on Low of this candlestick.

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Alerts on Telegram, Mobile and MT4

One of the important advantages is that the current indicator does not draw models on the chart, but also sends signals to you in Telegram, Android, Phone, PC and MT4. Those. you can adjust the indicators once and then monitor the current from the phone or PC, when new signals come out and respond only to those that you like best.

Settings of indicator price action

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Market watch
Market Last Change (%)
DAX30 15656 -33 -0.21%
FTSE100 8194.90 15 0.18%
NSDQ100 19668.05 -2.45 -0.01%
AUS200 7725.10 8.6 0.11%
DJIA 38549.65 -21.85 -0.06%
S&P500 5428.46 -2 -0.04%
Last quote on 17/06/2024

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