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In this case we sharing profits our traders. Traders works with alerts from WS Alerts and publishing his results

On this image we see real profit about 130 pips per 2 days. Only 5 trades and trader made profit more $100.

CFD Trades example

Use WS Alerts M15 strategy for make real money on CFD markets. Start with simply and free signup and learn more about alert cfd trading.

CFD Trades profits

CFD Trades profits

Screen statement where earned $300 per 3 days with 0/1 trade lot !

DAX30 Trading profits

On next week deposit up to +940 pips profit trade lot 0.1. Total profit $940 per 7 days CFD trading.

DAX30 Trading profits

DAX30 Trading profits

We working with mt4 indicator for CFD markets and make 50-100 pips per day. Please read rules of CFD Trading system and work with us.

Market watch
Market Last Change (%)
DAX30 15720.51 -7.16 -0.05%
FTSE100 7266.92 -2.04 -0.03%
NSDQ100 15545.21 5.03 0.03%
AUS200 7437.36 -17.91 -0.24%
DJIA 35745.97 -2.76 -0.01%
S&P500 4572.68 0.64 0.01%
Last quote on 27/10/2021

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